Sunday, January 17, 2010

Took my mother to an appointment at hospital recently and whilst there, me with my mom linking me as we slowly made our way through the busy waiting area, out of the corner of my eye I saw a woman sat in the corner looking at was one of those 'do I know her' moments, and as mom and I approached the door to leave I glanced across at her and she seemed to half stand and smile at me...I felt myself smiling back and feeling so glad to see her,yet the moment was gone as mom wittered away at me and we made our way through the door.............some time later as we retraced our steps the other way to leave we came back through the same door and again out of the corner of my eye I saw her sat there to my right...but I felt myself turn more to mom on my left and hurry our linked arm steps.....I did'nt want to see her and talk to her and find out who she was....but her face has been on my mind since then.......what's that all about?


auntiegwen said...

I'd have to have gone over, I have a FEROCIOUS need to know stuff, drive myself mental with it! ps eldest beautiful daughter will be 18 in March, how the hell did that happen?????? when I still feel 25 !

libby said...

I'm just like you...totally going mad with myself for not saying hello but just could'nt for some reason...have been mulling her face over in my mind (if that makes sense) and I know it will come to me at some your daughter is a march baby son will be 25 this march..I don't believe in horoscope stuff but he is laid back, kind, quiet, imaginative and seems to fit the march baby she of a similar mould? and look very young my head I's still young and yet I'm starting to hope for grandchildren!!