Happy days.....

Just like a junkie after a fix, I feel better now.
The reason?
This afternoon I held my grand daughter and she smiled at me.
It was a proper, I can see you, I know who you are, smile.
Heart - full.

The mister is smitten.

My first attempt at baby slippers.

Happy days indeed.


DUTA said…
Happiness, indeed. The baby slippers are adorable!
Bea said…
Very sweet pictures. Thank you for sharing your joy.
In spite of myself, I am envious Libby. Lord knows if we will ever have grandchildren. You are so lucky.
libby said…
Joanne...what a great way to express how you feel holding a baby.
Duta...thank you, not bad for a first attempt.
Bea...how kind...thanks.
YP...I do know how very very lucky I am YP.....I have yearned for years for a grandchild, and it is wonderful..... and if a grandchild is in your destiny then I know you will be a fabulous Grandpa.
Trish Burgess said…
oh little hands and little bootees. That's put a smile on my face too.
libby said…
Trish....I have been surprised by just how much I love her and miss seeing her! she fills my heart.
sensibilia said…
Wonderful and heartwarming! Lovely slippers, too.
Nana Go-Go said…
I'm looking after my two tomorrow while Mummy and Daddy pick colours for their new kitchen of their new house. You, too, will come in handy for such outings and a lot more besides but personally, I wouldn't give my princesses up for anything in the world, no way, no how! They have my heart and it's too late to give it back now!! Sweet pic. xxx
Nana Go-Go said…
ps Love the baby slippers too!