Thursday, December 29, 2016

Strange forces......

The Unsinkable Molly Brown is in my top 10 when it comes to favourite films. I'm going to watch it again today while I do some ironing.
Singin' in the rain is up there too and I have always admired Debbie Reynolds.
I was sad when Carrie Fisher died and thought of Debbie Reynolds having to go through
the heartache of losing a child...and now, if your belief falls a certain way, they are going to be together again.
I said aloud to the family the other day, that I was suprised how the celebrity deaths that seem to have been daily occurences just lately, have made me a little tearful, and yet the deaths this year of children all over the world has not had me shedding any tears for some time now....why is that? am I just a horrible heartless bitch? or is it that through music and film I feel a connection to the celebs and my life, whereas the daily deaths in war torn towns feels alien to me and I am now inured to them?
Pa said the other day 'Men used to go to War comes to Men'....and women and children.
Sad strange forces are at work in this world.
There has to be a change...but what is it and who will engineer that change?


Cro Magnon said...

The answer at the moment seems to be Putin. He's a dangerous man.

Mrs. Splapthing said...

If we tried to take on and experience grief for every death that happens to everyone all over the world every day, we would just shut down. We're built to take care of our own circles... our families, our friends, people we meet. We're not built to take on mass grief on a constant basis. This is why, when people go to professionals for depression treatment, the first thing they are told is "stop reading the newspaper and watching television and looking up world news on the internet". Truth.

libby said...

Cro...yes and what he is capable of is scary.
M... there is sense to what you say of course and this advice needs to be heeded.

sensibilia said...

Mrs, you are so right.

My sister-in-law thinks we are all animals, so it is entirely normal for the human race to go round killing each other.

We had some interesting moral debates here as to the existence of God and whether there is a dimension that differentiates us from the animal world.

The consensus seemed to be that the universe predates God, not the other way round, and that Jesus was a good human being who tried to change things for the better.

DUTA said...

I totally agree with your last sentence.
Only God, the creator of the universe can make changes to it or just reset it. We, humans have violated the rules of the Creation, and are now suffering for that.

Nana Go-Go said...

I'm afraid I'm rather Darwinian in my outlook. Any Higher Power would surely never allow innocent women and children to befall such atrocities. Terrorism isn't a new thing. We've even had it here on our own shores but the World seems a much more dangerous place these days. Corporate greed and power are the keywords of this modern age. I fear not for myself but for my grandchildren, your grandchildren, everybody's grandchildren and their offspring. What legacy are we leaving them while the world averts its eyes and waits and watches for the further harm that could be done when another superpower changes direction come the end of January. Winter is coming, right enough.

libby said...

S...those debates can be very highly charged....but we have the freedom of speech still and can share our thoughts.
Duta...humans are such sad sorry things really aren't they?
Nana...your last sentence is chilling indeed....lets hope for better things to come eh?

Mrs. Splapthing said...


Trish Burgess said...

People scoff when others become emotional about celebrity deaths but I don't think it's wrong to feel upset. These musicians and actors have usually been in the background at significant times in our lives, we hear a song and it takes us back to a specific occasion. If we were to cry at every news story we would be emotional wrecks - so maybe we just allow tears to flow for the individuals we do know, even if it was just a love of their work.

Hope all is well with you, Libby. Have a great 2017 xx

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