Ah drat.....

Chest infection.
Fed up of coughing.
Dressing gown has been the outfit du jour for the last few days.
Off work but not able to do much so feel a bit eeugh, how come you can feel tired from doing not very much?
Covonia is 7% alcohol.

Greg Lake has died........sigh.


Cro Magnon said…
I know it sounds daft, but the best remedy for a cough is to refrain from coughing. Not always easy, but it pays off. My sympathies.
sensibilia said…
It's been a totally **** year, really altogether. People we grew up with disappearing from the scene, some not much older than me. Best thing, though, your lovely new grandchild. Get better soon!
I cast a spell on you for dissing my Yorkshire flagpole Xmas dream gift. Serves you right.
DUTA said…
Coughing is a nasty symptom.The best cure is prevention - and by that I mean strenghtening the body's resistance, avoiding stress.
Nana Go-Go said…
Same here at beginning of week. I forced myself to get under the shower on Wednesday!!Feel better soon.