On the edge of posting pictures of the cats and the garden...which would be rubbish and boring.
Nothing wrong with cats and gardens, as I read lots of lovely blogs which do just that, and do it brilliantly, but I am beyonnnnnnnnnnd bored of what I have to say here at the moment.
Truth be told I feel very restricted here.......following a self imposed way of posting that is never too honest or open and is private and ... and ... restricted.


sensibilia said…
That's an interesting train of thought, libby. While I do not lack inspiration, my thoughts tend to run on the EU still, which everyone else is tired of now, so I am keeping them to myself. I am doing MOOC's, though, which I completely love, and keeps me occupied, and gives me opportunities to vent on the comments boards.
The one I am doing at the moment is the EU one from Univ of Barcelona, on Futurelearn. This is a refreshingly different viewpoint, very European, and the comments are fewer but more thoughtful than the one I did from Univ of Edinburgh on the same subject.
Here's a list of upcoming MOOC's from this provider.
Joanne Noragon said…
It can be good to be restrained, while all the thoughts are moving to their right place.
Nana Go-Go said…
Just be yourself. If you think your blog has gone a bit 'beige'(which I don't, btw!), put some colour into it. We won't mind one little bit!x
libby said…
s...thank you for you helpful comment...very interesting.
J.....yes being restrained can be a good thing especially in this format perhaps.
Drink a bottle of sauvignon blanc (preferably New Zealand), wait ten minutes and then get cracking with a new blogpost. Remove the caution and the restraints and then let's go baby.
Oh boy, sometimes I am tempted to rage in Lady Mondegreen's Secret Garden... but... Creativity and motivation come and go. I do agree with Yorkshire Pudding about the NZ Sav Blanc. But hey I want to get in touch because I will be in LS soon. Can you find my email address in my profile and drop me a line. Maybe we can meet up? Even drink a good Marlborough sav blanc together.

All the best