Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Chance encounters.....

I suppose that because it was our anniversary on Sunday, I have been thinking about how we meet our partners. Do we know immediately that this person is the one we will spend our lives with?
I don't believe in 'soul mates' and 'love at first sight'.
I believe in the 'oh..it's you' feeling.
I remember that when I met my mister he made me laugh, and I loved his company, yet he was nothing like the lads I usually fell for. I had a thing for tall, thin, dark and moody types, who usually wore jeans and smoked, both tobacco and weed.
My mister was average height, fair haired, had never had a cigarette (has still never had one), wore suits and loved clubbing rather than festivals. Chalk and cheese.
We met on a training course.
We were so very different. I drank pints with whisky chasers, had really really short hair and dressed in doc martens and boiler suits, and I smoked. His usual girlfriend type was short, blonde, busty and very girly.
The day we met we went to the pub together at lunchtime, and 13 weeks later, after seeing each other every day, he proposed...and just before I answered, in my head I thought 'oh..it's you...what a surprise...you're not the one I vaguely imagined I'd marry..but I can't imagine not marrying you....it feels like coming home'...so I said yes and here we are ....35 years later.
How did you meet the person who shares your life?


auntiegwen said...

Many congratulations on your 35 years together X if I am blessed to have found himself who has made my life the best it could ever be xxxx

Joanne Noragon said...

Good for you for agreeing. Happy anniversary.

Cro Magnon said...

Art college. She was wearing strange sandals with long criss-cross leather laces that went up to her knees. She asked me to help her stretch a canvas, and that was it.

Bea said...

He was a regular at the diner where I worked, and came in every weekend for a hearty plate of eggs & potatoes. After many weeks of chatting, he left me a note on the back of the bill with his phone number.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

We met in 1979. I was a young teacher sleeping on my friend's bedsit floor. He was a hospital porter and one night he brought back two young nurses for coffee. I was sleeping in my sleeping bag and I looked up and saw her. She was giggling at me but I knew immediately that she was "the one".

libby said...

AG.....thank you....and long may your life continue to be blessed.xxx
J..thank you.
Cro...was it the gladiator sandals that tickled your fancy then? as a gentleman you could'nt refuse a request for help from a pretty girl I suspect.
Bea...and true love prevailed eh?
YP...how sweet..does Shirley still giggle at you?

Angela Lambert said...

Asked the saxophonist out in the interval.Three months later he asked me to marry him .Four weeks later we had bought a house,got married and were on honeymoon.Coming up for 24 years ago.

libby said...

Angela, must be something at the 3 month stage that makes it all click.

Mrs. Splapthing said...

In the police academy, in 1989. It was our first day of training, and the instructor picked the two of us for hand-to-hand combat. My husband is a black belt martial artist in at least two different styles of combat. Needless to say, there was no fight. I was on my face on the mat in a matter of seconds.

We actually didn't date right away. It was 10 years after we met that we had our first date, and when I saw him again, he wrapped his arms around me, hugged me, and picked me up off the ground. That moment, I knew we were always going to be together... that was 1999. We were married in 2002 - and we're still going strong!

libby said...

Mrs S....so sweet! how did you come to date him later then?


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