Got a parking ticket today...fuck fuckety fuck.

I pay for my parking every bastard day I'm at work and have done for eleventy million sodding years.
Today I hadn't got my glasses on and it was raining and windy and I put in what I thought was the right amount, then put the ticket in the car and went into the office.....when I left work this afternoon and found the parking ticket it appears I had been 10p short.....so  £50 to pay thank you very much.

What kind of fool am I? (thank you Mr Newley).....well I'm this kind of fool........

Paid for every school trip for both children.
Paid for every school dinner.
Paid all poll tax.
Paid every time I caught a train.
Paid for every meal I every bought.
Paid every fucking thing I have ever been asked to pay for .......
I am a FOOL....a fool of the highest order.


Cro Magnon said…
I know exactly how you feel. My last UK ticket was in Chester. I'd popped into a dive shop for 2 minutes, and returned to find my car with a ticket. There were no signs saying 'No Parking', or any double yellow lines. I sent an expletive filled letter with my £20 fine. Since then I have driven a French registered car, and chuck any tickets in the dustbin (not that I go back to the UK very often).
sensibilia said…
It's so annoying when something like that happens. I understand the urge to self-flagellate and likewise I call myself a fool. Have been known to hit myself even, for being so stupid! It passes.

As to all the things you've paid for - you should be proud. Of not being a skank, skiver, slimeball, scrounger or any other such sub-standard specimen.
Tom Stephenson said…
There are no words of consolation, other than 'time heals'. Alternatively, you could throw a brick through the window of your council office.
Joanne Noragon said…
My only parking ticket was at age 17, when I first learned to drive. Got it at the library and had to pay it from my allowance.
Speeding tickets, another matter.
With your past record, justice would be better served if you had just got a ticking off - like an advisory letter or something. They should take into account people's histories as they do in relation to any other offence. Blanket fines just don't seem fair.
libby said…
Cro....I was a little.....cross.
S...thank you.
Tom...too downbeaten and law abiding for that sadly.
J...you racey thing you!
YP...thank you for that .... it's just how I feel...but feelings account for nothing.
auntiegwen said…
Bugger! ps I have also paid for everything too, pps the flowers you bought me are still going xxx
Trish Burgess said…
I do think the idea from Yorkshire Pudding is an excellent one - they really should take all your previous good behaviour into account. I too am a good girl.
So sorry!!! Sods, sods law.

I have an economist friend who never pays for parking and says the fines even out. I find it a pain to pay them though so make sure I do the machine.

Glasses excuse sounds good to me. I think so few people write in with an excuse that if you do, you will get off.
Hope today has been a better day!
Bad things happen to good people, but £50 seems a bit steep - ask them to provide proof to get your money's worth!
Blogoratti said…
It must be really frustrating indeed, can't imagine. Well do enjoy the rest of the week!
Pam said…
And... how's the extension going???
sensibilia said…
You've been quiet for a long time - mind you, so have I - pondering and dealing with family issues.

Hope all is well with your elderly relatives. We just had my mother-in-law (91 and a half) for the weekend and took her to the coast again just like last year. The weather was terrible, and she can only move at a snail's pace and not very far, but we all enjoyed the weekend.

Adult daughters also causing anxiety as they battle in the job market and housing issues. Such is life.
John Edwards said…
You keep on being a good girl, Libby. It doesn't make you a fool, it makes you a responsible citizen. I wish there were more of you about.