Connected is not always good....

Ma and Pa rang me the other day.
She was in tears and very emotional (which is not unusual) and he was obviously struggling with a frustrating day and they took it in turns to talk to me (or shout at me) through the magic of the telephone.
I had just come in from work and felt cold and tired, as the previous day I'd had a migraine that had left me feeling quite 'claggy' - which is the term I use to describe the day after a bad migraine..hard to describe the feeling but if any of you have migraines you might understand.
To say that I was not in the mood to sit through this daily phone rigmarole would be a huge understatement.
The worst part though was that they actually just argued with each other while I sat there in my coat listening and trying to talk to each one in turn, and I had a mental image of them passing the phone backwards and forwards to each other, shouting and acting like 6yr olds saying 'but he' and 'but she' and 'you DID' and 'I did NOT'. Eventually I heard myself say 'don't ring me just to argue and bicker with each other and have an audience'....and perhaps I was a little terse when I said it.
The result? silence and no calls for a few days.......which strangely is a little unnerving. So I rang them and had a very frosty response.
Oh dear.   The price of peace.....being chastised by your elderly parents. You just can't win.

In other news....
Me and my mister are off to Gothenburg for a few days later in the week.
I am going to try to make some Porto styleeee custard tarts this afternoon
It is surprising how a whole bottle of low alcohol wine at a friends last night can give you quite a headache this morning...good fun though and coming home in the snow was quite magical.


Joanne Noragon said…
It seems a scene from a thirties movie; I can see your parents in action.
libby said…
Joanne, mmmmm I know what you mean..and tomorrow I will drive for an hour to visit them to get face to face bickering...
Cherish your parents Libby. You are lucky to have them.
auntiegwen said…
Oh dear X but enjoy Gothernburg xxx
Sorry to hear things are tricky with the olds. Hope Gothenburg is ace (we usually run a few months behind you for city breaks so let us know what's worth seeing :)

Also - I LOVE Porto custard tarts. How did they turn out?
Cro Magnon said…
Maybe you should argue with your folks by Skype. It induces a friendlier argument than by phone.
libby said…
YP..I do know how lucky I am but sometimes the cherishing can be a bit difficult.
AG..We must be mad...somewhere cold in January...we should have picked somewhere sunny!
Mr AG...thanks...will keep you posted re for the tarts..well they tasted good...and looks aren't everything. have a point but they don't even have mobile phones!