Tuesday, December 8, 2015


I wish I was competent with technology.
For the last hour I have been sat here in my dressing gown trying to work out
how to get the photos from my sony 'phone on to my laptop.
I seem to just be going around in circles and duplicating this and neo reading that and
failing to link this to that and bloody nora I'm an idiot..........
I've just had a long weekend in Porto and t'was great................can't show you a pic yet though.

This is the break where I think I will go and get dressed/have some breakfast/reconsider and then
return and ace this fucking thing.


thames_side said...


Tom Stephenson said...

There is bound to be an online tutorial which shows exactly how to do it, Libby. You can learn how to do anything online.

libby said...

Thames.....yes I have dropbox but I think I've filled it or misplaced it or it's in too many locations....but thanks anyway......I will not give up and I will get this darn thing done.
Tom...absolutely.....but how I struggle with technology....and yet I am undaunted today....I will do it!

Joanne Noragon said...

My heart hears you. I must learn over and over until one day I notice I do remember. You can do it.

Nota Bene said...

Well I hope you're not still sitting there struggling.

If you are try this. Connect the phone to the computer. Assuming it's a PC and not a Mac, it should appear in file explorer (click on the beige file at the bottom of the screen. You should then see your phone as a file on the left hand side. Click on it, find the DCIM file and then you should find the pictures which you can drag onto the computer. Obviously I may have missed a step as I'm not an expert....!

libby said...

Joanne ..welcome...and thanks for the good vibes...I did it!
NB.....I did just that - but used a different usb cable and fiddled about a bit and got there in the end! thanks.


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