Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thanks to blogging.......

My friend Auntiegwen from has just driven away from my home after a very sweet but fleeting visit. It was so lovely to see her. We both work and we both have misters and family and lives, but as today she had a work meeting in my neck of the woods she was able to pop in (with cake... what a woman!) for a quick catch up visit.
The fact that we know each other at all is thanks to lovely is that?
Twas lovely to see you Auntie.....until next time when we can all get together x


Trish Burgess said...

I remember when she popped in to see me. Through blogging you just know if you will click in real life...and we did!

Nana Go-Go said...

I would deffo pop in to yours and a couple of other of my bloggy compadres if I lived closer....and if you'd have me!! Have a good weekend, Libs. x

auntiegwen said...

Thank you dearest Libs xx tis always lovely to see you xxx

libby said...'re still on my 'going to pop in one day' afraid be very afraid! would always be welcome.

Pam (Isabelle) said...

Lovely! I've had two bloggy friends to stay this summer.

Jenny Woolf said...

Always so nice to meet blog friends in real life. It's been really rewarding the fiew times I've done it.


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