Giving it a go.......

As you may know ('cos I post about it every year) New Years Eve is not my favourite time of the year. 'Tis a bit scary in my mind. You reluctantly say goodbye to a year that you have managed to get through and so it is a year that counts as is gone and what is done is done, good and bad  - so draw a line under it and move on.........but.......a new year? a whole 365 days of who knows what? whoa nelly that is scary.

So just to mix it up a little and act like a grown up I am going to try to redirect my thinking. 
Consider that optimism and looking forward may be the way to go....with shoulders back and a smile on my face.

2014 was fabulous and 2015 will be ....................??

Happy New Year and happiness in


John Gray said…
If I don't get the chance
Happy new year to you
Cro Magnon said…
Throw caution to the winds; it's just a number. Have a good one anyway. Cro xx
Steve said…
Wishing a 2015 for you full of nice, welcome surprises!
Cro's right - blur the dates and carry on kicking up those heels.
Love Jeneane
auntiegwen said…
Luff to you and the mister xxxx
Only 363 days to go now! Happy New Year Women's Libby!
libby said…
Thank you one and all....I wish you all well in 2015 xxx
HNY! to you Libby and all your loved ones