Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Things I know.......

Elderly parents are a blessing and a curse.
I can be placed into a social class. I know my place.
Physiotherapists can 'adjust your kneecap' to make you feel better and you will then experience days of pain.
Dust will find any little place in your home to settle in to.
Not worrying about removing it is something I am learning to do.
All work and no play makes 'Jane' a dull girl.
It also makes Jack a grumpy boy.
A box of maltesers and a glass of low alcohol wine does not constitute dinner.
Having a new boiler makes your radiators feel warmer but generally your house is still coldish and the weather outside is so cold and horrible I am praying for a good summer....I need some sun.
'Breaking Bad' is a pretty good series to watch if you like to watch the tv every night...which I do.
If a visit to your folks brings you down so emotionally you feel very low, an unexpected lunch
somewhere with your beautiful daughter can make you feel much better.
Worrying about your beautiful daughter finding work in London as a graduate serves
no useful purpose.
What will be will be. I have no control.
Seeing your son being rewarded with a long overdue promotion is really good.
A friend who has had cancer in the past who tells you her hair is now falling out in handfuls
for no apparent reason, causes you to think how beautiful she looks when she is smiley
and cheerful, (which she is) and reminds you to not moan about your own greying locks....and hope that she is well.
Making a pear and ginger upside down cake divides opinion....more pear? more sponge? more ginger? more please?
Migraines piss me off....and I've had two quite recently.
Trying to choose new specs on your own is very hard.....especially if you have a face
that doesn't seem to suit anything on offer in the buy one get one free range.....yet
using the pound shop for 'spare pairs' is not really clever.
Whatever other people think, there is a little part of me that thinks certain people should never be allowed to have children.
Having a cup of tea every morning is a necessity ensures the day starts well, even if it goes to hell after that.
It would be useful for me to have a go-to phrase that I could use when I want to say to a blogger 'yes I did just read your post, and I would like to acknowledge that I have read it and I would like to say something but...I have to go out/am not sure what I want to say/can't be arsed/only have time for reading not replying at the moment/good work/I agree/you lucky so and so/more pictures please'.
Welfare Reform is a necessary tool for change.
Cat hair in other peoples houses used to freak me I have two cats and I am that woman.....and I hate it.
Boots own bonjela does not do the have to just buy the proper works.
I have been a bit lax on the 'being a good friend' front.
I will do better.
I think of bloggers as friends.
Have a 'through the ether hug' x


Scarlet Blue said...

I agree with all here... especially anything to do with cake... or tea.
And I have been looking for that elusive 'go to phrase' for commenting for a while!

John Gray said...

Been there
Worn the t shirt
Well written

Kelloggs Ville said...

"go-to phrase" - I may be saying that a lot from now on :)

Curry Queen said...

I agree with pretty much all of those and Thankyou for the hug! Right back at you!

Cro Magnon said...

Stream of consciousness blogging... I like it.

re the specs: Always buy specs that suit you, rather than ones you like. For this a second person is required; preferably with some 'taste'.

auntiegwen said...

All very similar to here, my love. Will email xxx

Marcheline said...

Sending an ether hug back. Had to Google the phrase "Boots own bonjela" after staring at it for five minutes solid, trying to figure out if it was a mistype or not. HA! I've never minded cat hair, so long as I liked the cat it came from, and so long as it was not in my food. HAPPY SPRING!

Marcheline said...

Oh, and regarding the eye glasses... have you ever thought of wearing vintage frames? I bought a pair of 1950's cat eye frames and now I never wear my contact lenses any more. LOVE them! Cat eyes may not be your style, but my point is you have lots of options rather than just what's on the shelf at your optician's right now. Look on ebay and see what might suit! (I used Photoshop to "try on" the frames by putting them over a photo of my face before I bought them.)

Steve said...

Hug much appreciated!

Nota Bene said...

You know a lot

sensibilia said...

Omg, you sound like you have been through hell recently. Sorry you have had migraines, pain in knee, problems with elderly parents, overwork, bad-dinner-day, and dust everywhere. And that's excluding the awful cold, which of course we are all feeling!

On the plus side, good that your daughter and son have the power to bring joy.

And glad you think of bloggers as friends!

About Last Weekend said...

I have read all this and it makes my day. So much to say. Love that you and your daughter have such a kind and peaceful relationship. Me and my 11 year old are often at loggerheads these days.
We had to stop watching Breaking Bad (which is so good, too good) as it gave us nightmares. Sorry to hear you get migranes, my mother got them and still does, torture.

libby said...

Such kind supportive people...every one of you....thanks for taking the time to comment. X

About Last Weekend said...

Love your posts Libby. Have a great restful weekend

Isabelle said...

I feel your pain, especially about the elderly parents bit. Trouble is, they die and then you feel terrible having complained about them. But the good thing is, after a bit you do remember them when they weren't elderly. Sigh.

Trish Burgess said...

Oh this is a cracking post. It's stopped me in my tracks as it says so much about you, life, the universe and everything! So the answer is 42.

I had the same experience with Wilco's vapour rub. It doesn't have a very good lid, unlike Vicks.

libby said...

ALW...thank you.
Isabelle...I miss my 'younger' Ma and Pa already...they are disappearing.
Trish....ooh crikey, wondering what it said about me. Always had a tub of Vicks around in the winter when I was younger.....

Jay said...

Great post, and thank you for the hug!

Blowing the dust off the blog......

And in other news.......... I have decided to retire at Christmas. This will be a reduction in money coming in but hopefully a better qua...