Safe journey...

My daughter has been home with us here on and off for the past 3 weeks.
It has been a house in a mess with a rapidly emptying fridge and rubbish on the tv constantly.
It has also been laughing and cuddling and sharing and being the 'us' of old and little girl......

'mom, where is?.......',
'Oh mom, look at this...'
'ooh are you making ( here, insert cake/a sandwich/dinner/opening a bottle of wine/a pot of tea)?..lovely'
'does this look good mom'
'Guess what...'
'Can I borrow your leggings?'
'Shall I make dinner? don't take anything out of the freezer/look in the cupboards/larder....lets just go and buy stuff now shall we?'

It has been coming in from work to find someone in the house, the lights and heating on and the smell of food cooking...heaven.

It has been the mister smiling when he sees his wife and daughter laughing and having a good time.
It has been the cats having more ' fuss-n-lovin' than usual.
It has been having both my children here at Sunday lunch.
It has been text books and written notes and study and dissertation tidying.
It has been tears over job applications and CV's and grad schemes and internships.......and assurances from me that it will all be OK...that she will get a job in London.....because she will. Patience and timing and luck and hardwork will win in the end.

All good things come to an end, and she has just driven off to return to University.
100 miles away.
She has never driven on a motorway before and so her Pa is with her and then he will drive
her car home....because that is what Dads do. Sit with you on your first scary long journey.

I am happy she is happy.
I am sad that she is not here.
I do not want her here in reality...she needs to be off living her life....but the hugging and waving
good bye bit always makes me sad.........

Safe travels sweetpea....journey well and enjoy all there is to see along the way..X


Nana Go-Go said…
I'm not sure if I should tell you this in public but when my eldest used to go back to uni, I would leave the sheets on his bed for days and sniff his pillow now and then just to have him near me again. I TOTALLY get EVERYTHING you've just posted about and the sadness can be overwhelming. I've learned to love an empty house now but I'm not sure whether that is a good or a bad thing. Have a great weekend,
ps how's the blankie coming along, any luck?
Kelloggs Ville said…
Blimey, that was a tear jerker xx
Cro Magnon said…
I think all of us with children experience that. Not easy is it.
Curry Queen said…
Just as my daughter leaves for Uni in September (she is SO ready to go!) my son returns - timed that one right, so we get to delay the empty nest syndrome for a while....until he can afford to move out, anyway! The day that they are both gone will feel mighty strange...
libby said…
Nana, I do wander in to her room now and again and look about...soft of me I know. I'm still working on the circle/ssquare thingy..not happy with my wool at the moment, but thank you.
KV...maybe it will affect you differently when COG leaves...and reading your comment on AG I am impressed you have a spare house!
Cro..not easy no..but we are blessed to have them in our lives.
CQ...where is your daughter going? and does your son plan to stay at home?
Trish Burgess said…
This stage of my life is looming all too soon. Only having the one means I'm going to go straight to the empty nest stage. I'm a bit scared but I so want my boy to be happy and settled and I hope that will get me through. I will try and remember this post and know that when he comes home in the holidays it will be worth the wait.
sensibilia said…
So agree with all of that! Enjoy the moments every one of them. Mine have now moved on to the next stage, much more independent mentally and emotionally, and it feels very nostalgic reading what you put. Bless Faithful Dads!
libby said…
Trish, he is such a part of your 'team' that he will always bob in and out of your did a good job.
S....precious time truly moves very quickly...and Dads are great aren't they?
Nota Bene said…
I can picture it all in my mind...absolutely delightful! (Apart from the leaving)
auntiegwen said…
The problem for me is the one that's left behind is the one that most wants to be away. The one that's gone and the one that's going are the ones who want to stay!!! xxx
libby said…
NB...can your picture your boy being away at Uni? .. bet you don't get as soppy as I do when they flit in and out ......
AG....I can't imagine that her 'mood of the moment' will last forever...they will all be in and out of the AG house forever more I'm sure x