Is that it?

Can I put my thermals away now?
I know I should be wearing less 'layer wise', but taking my
cardi off is always a bit risky for me.....I am a winter baby and I feel
the cold.
Already at work some rather 'devil may care' types are
wearing sandals/no tights/short sleeves/thin dresses.
The ladeeeez of course.
What the men wear out of the office is up to them.
I am still not convinced about the 'winter is gone' theory.
I am still wearing fleecy pyjamas as I type this
and did in fact just have a bowl of porridge to 'stoke me up' for the day.
Just saying the winter is over doesn't mean it truly is. Yet.
We shall see.........


sensibilia said…
Ha ha! I completely agree about caution in dispensing with layers. I am a person who takes a hot water bottle with me anywhere I go in the UK outside of the month of June.

My solution is to carry on with the layers, but choose lighter layers, eg long-sleeved T shirts instead of woolly jumpers. Yesterday I had two of these on, and aim to do the same today. I can always take one off if it warms up!
Kelloggs Ville said…
yup, I'm still wearing a vest.
Nota Bene said…
Hate to rain on your parade...but come the weekend, comes the cold again :-(
Marcheline said…
Cold and grey here on Long Island today. Thermals definitely still in order. That's not stopping the flowers, however, which are blooming and popping out of the ground regardless of the chill wind!
Cro Magnon said…
My shorts came out for two days; they are now back in the cupboard.
You are right to be cautious about winter's disappearance. It could still return to bite everybody. I blame Thatcher myself. Summers were always longer and more reliably pleasant before that horrid creature came along to spoil everything.
I hear it's been so so brutal there. Time to plan somewhere in the sun for the summer? Thinking good thoughts for you!
Curry Queen said…
It's going to be cold again by the weekend!
John Gray said…
Yes......we will see
Deidre said…
I always am cautious about permanent taking off layers...Being cold all day is unbearable!
Trish Burgess said…
Can't beat a cardi!
I've just had porridge this morning again - have lived on it for months now.