Today has been.....

Reminding your Pa that he needs to wash his hands as you enter/leave a hospital ward. Being a bit concerned when a young girl tells you there is lots of Sickness and Diarrhea in the ward today.
Being pointedly ignored ( I think I must have slipped into invisibility mode) by the 16 or so professionals at the desks/counters/chairs/computers just outside the ward (I'm sure they are very busy and very very important but cheeesuz....acknowledge me people) when trying to find out about your Ma.
Treating yourself for no reason and buying two Royal Copenhagen eggs....'cos they are pretty.
Dad telling me about meeting Irving Berlin and Dean Jagger and Ethel Merman and Bessie someone.
Realising that sitting on a hospital bed can cause you to be given a withering glare and a 'please get off the bed' being barked at you.
Look away now if delicate.............being told that Ladyparts lose moisture with age.....and that buying Silk over the counter is recommended as  'I believe it's rather good'..........thank you nurse.
Listening to the fabulous Frank Sinatra and thinking how big bands must have been really cool to be in/watch/listen live to.
Thinking how horribly expensive those lovely plantation shutters would be in your bedroom if your sister is paying £800 for one small window!
Wondering if the fact that there is no hot water coming out of the sink tap in the bathroom is going to be a big job or a small job.........and how much it is going to cost.
Having a telephone conversation with a woman that you last spoke to 44 years ago and having her tell you 'you sound just like your mum'.
Your husband fixing the tap!
Thinking that you wish you could find a decent job for your son......
Trying to cheer up your daughter because she feels a bit under the weather and still hasn't decided on her dissertation subject.
Stirring Herman the German Friendship cake mixture.
Seeing your mum in her jamas sat by her bed and looking pretty darn good for a scared and blind 82yr old and thanking mother universe/the fates that she is still here to nag Pa.
Eating cheese and crackers and not giving a care about your belly being a bit tight in your jeans...surely the jeans must have shrunk in the wash? and if not? well what the hell.
Thinking that I am lucky to also have 52 reasons to smile, just like the ones on the gift I made my sister.
Counting my blessings.


Sounds like a helluva a day - and you're a helluva lady for finding gems of "things to be grateful for" in it.
Steve said…
Visiting hospitals is always scary these days because of all the bugs going round...
Nana Go-Go said…
Yeah, it's life,Libs, just as we know it. Hope your Ma gets better soon.
Kelloggs Ville said…
that's a lot of ..gosh...well...a lot.

John Gray said…
hospitals are bloody dangerous places!
Marcheline said…
I can vouch for the efficacy of Silk (will say no more in view of "the delicate")... 8-)

Love the deck of cards crafting... may have to steal that idea!
Nana Go-Go said…
ps forgot to say, try and buy the jeans with some elastane content in them (if you don't already). You can eat what you like and they stretch with you !
Curry Queen said…
I love your stream of consciousness Libby and the way you just let it all hang out! Hope your mama recovers soon.
That's such a lovely gift to make your sister, what a great sis you are to do that. Can't imagine my sisters doing that for me. Just thinking that me and my sisters are nothing like the gentle "Little Women" March girls, but we have our own sibling love, more take no prisoners style.