Age apparent/appropriate?

We were at an evening wedding reception last night. After the Bride and Groom had started the dancing, and I was on my 3rd glass of wine, the DJ played some 'blasts from the past' music wise...good old disco......and I couldn't help it...I was compelled.............the music drew me closer and closer to the floor and soon, along with my two friends, I was out there giving it my my head I was strutting my funky stuff and so it was slightly disconcerting to see that gradually all the young people were drifting away from us and off the dance floor........yes 3 ladies of a certain age were left alone.............we were hideous to behold as we were Granny dancing! At first embarrassed we then laughed and thought 'what the heck' and carried on....I have been the slim young thing and now I am the not so slim nearly 60 thing, and have decided to embrace each and every stage....we may have been granny dancing but we were singing and smiling and having a good time.


Kelloggs Ville said…
This makes me happy. You go girl!
Steve said…
Granny dancers rock!
Marcheline said…
Dude, when I go to weddings, I OWN the dance floor. Whether I'm skinny or not. Mostly not. But when the music moves you, you just gotta move!

My guilty secret favorite dance song: "BRICK HOUSE"

When that's playing, people just better go sit down and give me room.
Good on you, I would have totally been up there with you! We have the moves!