Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Where has the sun gone???

It has PERSISTED down today and if I hadn't just had a week in the sun I think I would be getting REALLY FED UP WITH THIS CRAPPY WEATHER by now........................but luckily Paxos gave us a week of wonderful warmth and sunshine. I am very very lucky.
The sky was this blue.
The little beaches were this empty.
The food was lovely in this little Taverna.
Lunch at this beach side restaurant had a wonderful view.
Little lanes revealed splashes of wonderfully coloured bougainvillea among the green of the olive trees.
The decorations used in a little cafe were really gorgeous.
Some of the deserted property just cried out to be bought and done up....not by me sadly.
Every little unused container should have a plant in it don't you think?
The beach pebbles were this clean.

So we had a wonderful week and although I have many more photos of blue blue seas and skies and pools and sunsets and boat views most of them tend to also feature me or the mister.......and I won't inflict those on an unsuspecting public.....'cos after seeing some of the shapes and sizes on display on the beach - after the first day I WORE THE BIKINI! 


About Last Weekend said...

Oh lovely lovely lovely. Am so happy this little island was so good to you! is it still as uninhabited as when I was there 20 years ago, or has Europe found it at last? Clean is good. When we travelled to a Greek Island on mark Warner we all got sore throats from the sea water. Don't ask. We need to see your new swimsuit!

Nana Go-Go said...

Glad it was everything I hoped it would be for you.....even the bikini!Weather report....same here today....luckily I had the pleasure of the company of 3-year-old Little Miss Sunshine to brighten the proceedings. Fab pics...makes me want to go....if my youngest lad wasn't getting married in over a week's time!eek!
Good to 'see' you back safe and sound, Libs (and Mr. Libs!).

libby said...

ALW...yes it was clean and fairly for me in a bikini? are you mad woman? I don't have your figure......
Nana...thank you so much.....the 3yr old sounds gorgeous and you must be so excited about the wedding coming up!!

Macy said...

Never mind it being another country - it looks like another planet from here!

Big cheer for the bikini too!

Steve said...

I'd forgotten the sky could be other colours but grey and white...!

libby said...

Macy...yep I wore it and wobbled and didn't give a ----! and surely we must be due a change in the weather here soon??
Steve....hang on in there..some summer sky must appear soon surely?

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