In just under 2 hours today will be over.

Today our daughter celebrated her 21st birthday.
21 years ago today I was tired and emotional and thankful and sore........our second child was a much wanted, long awaited, baby girl.....a big 10.5lb bundle of joy. A sister for our wonderful son. The completing part of our family team.
Today she is tall and slim and beautiful. She is clever and quick witted and funny. Has a ravenous appetite for food...and books....and films......laughing and loving and learning...and living life.
'Borrows' my tights, or bags or make up or deoderant or hairdryer, but also gives hugs in return.
Has introduced me to music that should by rights not even have entered my sphere of consciousness.
Danced with me and not mocked my 'mom' dancing. Caused her Dad to shake his head and mutter 'I should just have my salary paid into the you have a daughter who needs dresses and jeans and makeup and driving lessons fund and be done with it'  whilst he smiles and winks at me.

Today has been filled with ...

Home made chocolate cake to eat and champagne to drink.
Presents. A pub lunch.

Shopping and visiting family.
Chinese food for supper.
Cards, both bought and home made.

Telephone calls and facebook messages.

Flowers. Hugs.

'The first 21yrs...' home made muvee of baby-to-lady making us ooh and aah and get a bit teary.
Talk of trips to be made.
Spending time with all the men in her life...Grandpa, Dad, Brother and Boyfriend.

My baby is a daughter, sister, cousin, niece, grand-daughter, friend, sister-in-law in waiting, girlfriend, student and woman. How in the heck did that happen? Does time even exist? where does it go?
I held my hand on my swollen belly, closed my eyes and thought with wonder and pure joy 'that was a kick!'..........and now she is 21.
Live, love and laugh and experience highs lows and contentment, health and happiness Darling.
You have my heart sweetpea..love you


Wow, what a wonderful sounding daughter, so sweet and so involved in life. How the heck did that time go by?
Nota Bene said…
Very happy 21st to your daughter...and long may she continue to drain your resources!!
Kelloggs Ville said…
What a wonderful post, happy birthday to sweetpea and love to you all x
Steve said…
Hazppy birthday to your daughter - she sounds a star. Just like her mum!
libby said…
Thank you everyone...such kind words from you all. She is now back at uni., and revising for exams....we are counting our blessings and not counting our bank balance!
Curry Queen said…
The years fly by, don't they? That was a lovely post - your love for her shines out!
As Curry Queen says, your love is so apparent in this post. She is a lucky young woman to have such doting parents.
A very happy birthday to your daughter xxx
libby said…
CQ/Trish...thank you both. I was a little worried that in this post perhaps she sounds spoiled and we as parents sound too 'spoiling'...but she truly isn't, which makes treating her such a pleasure, and as for the love? well I read both of your blogs and feel that we are all in the same boat there....lucky enough to have children that are wanted and turning out to be ok 'cos we have all done the best we can by them. Blessed - that is what we are ....
sensibilia said…
Congrats to you for being such a wonderful mum and having such a great daughter! Spoilt? Not in any way, just a lovely person and much loved.
libby said…
Sensibilia...thank you....as weird as it feels accepting thanks for being a mom I am happy to do it in this instance as a one off celebration!