Things I need to do...

Not be envious.
See the good and not the bad in a person/situation.
Clean this house.
Give lots of things to the charity shop.
Appreciate a little more all the blessings that I have.
Fur-minate the cats......we are replacing the carpet in our bedroom with solid wood flooring, so that we can brush the floor, as the carpet in there never seems to be free of dust and hair and I hate hoovering something that never looks any better afterwards.
Have a practice run at self tanning my legs and arms.
Book a GP appointment.
Locate my daughters passport.
Try to be a little more patient and understanding when my Ma and Pa ring me 3 times in one evening.
Stop swearing so much at work.
Crochet a little blanket for a friends daughter who is having her first baby.
Worry less.
Make time to make time for my friends, friendship needs feeding in order to grow, and I have been a bad neglectful friend.
Encourage my mister to have his blood pressure checked.
Book a holiday.
Plan something for our 30th wedding anniversary in the summer.
DO the things I have written down here......


Lottie said…
Blimey Libby... that's a list and a half... pour yourself a glass of wine, book your 30th anniversary thing then worry about the others later... feel knackered for you!
Steve said…
You forgot to add "treat yourself when all of these are ticked off".
Curry Queen said…
But surely just making this list has made you feel more in control?
Macy said…
Useful hint... write a list of the stuff you have done.
G&T optional!
Marcheline said…
I have an alternate suggestion for #11. Instead of trying to stop swearing, just attempt to find and use more creative/funny swear words. Swearing is an important factor in stress release, and we need to release things verbally in order to go on with our day. How about "Merlin's pants!" (Taken from Harry Potter) or "God's bodkin!" or "Christopher Columbus!" or... you see where I'm going with this.
I think 'worry less' is the pertinent one in this list! xx
libby said…
Thank you everybody....I did have the wine! House is cleaned, laundry done and the rest I am going to work on......
You've been married for nearly 30 years???!!!! Wow, I think that is such an achievement nothing else is needed.