State of play today......bits and bobs....

So....moving on from gripes and groans and tales from Emergency ward 10, I feel the need to 'lighten up' and not be such a doomy dora here at 'needs dusting towers'.
This is a photo of the long lens that I can put on my camera if I ever have the urge to pretend I  know what I am doing. In all honesty, and I do have an opticians appointment tomorrow, I don't seem to be able to focus very well with my eyes let alone focus with  something you can twizzle and turn and zoom in and out with....but I do intend to take lots more pictures this year, so however blurry or bland they are I'm going to click away and see what happens.

On Saturday night we had friends over for dinner, and they valiantly braved walking in the snow to eat homemade lasagne with us - how nice is that? Sharing food and drink and having a laugh is a little piece of pleasure in a working week don't you think?
As you can see, I still have stuff to put away sitting on the kitchen table and a little 'wax' problem in the dining room to deal with
These candles were lit and drip drip dripped onto a lampshade below without us noticing
Shall I just let the wax dry and harden and then chip off? all hints gratefully received, although I suspect the lampshade may have had it......I can always put a bit of magnolia on the wall though, and truth be told, we had such a lovely evening the wax issue is a tiny one.

I spent some time today, just for a change 'cough', reading lots of blogs, and as much as I love all the regular ones I visit (you know who you are), I feel like finding some new blogs to read to add to my list of favourites.... a bit like browsing in a book shop even though you will never abandon your favourite author? have you ever felt that way?

I fell over  a month ago (no drink involved either!) and sprained my ankle and bruised and bumped my shins............the swelling and bruising is gone now but I still have lumps on my that normal do you think? they are a bit like ganglions and I am tempted to hit them with a big book but I am a bit of a big girls blouse in the inflincting pain on myself area........

I am a lucid dreamer and always mull over my previous nights adventures when I have my morning cup of tea...........and last night I had a very curious dream about Paul he ill? he was in my dream....did I read something about him in the newspaper? mmmm...

If I don't stop tapping away at this keyboard then this post will continue on with lots of little bits of nothing ......which is guaranteed to bore the pants off anybody still reading who is hoping that my rambling might be going somewhere? sorry!

More coherent 'themed' posts maybe this year - and hopefully better photographs.


Steve said…
I think I have lens envy.
A bit of a mental housekeeping post - though that lampshade is real housekeeping isn't it? I enjoy my SLR camera with all it's bells and whistles but I have trouble focussing my eyes too: I made sure I had a view finder but that fails me now. I'm reduced to composing by shape on the screen, so maybe it's time I got glasses!
Curry Queen said…
Sharing food and drink with friends - there is nothing nicer! And judging by the number of wine bottles, you had a great time! Bung the lampshade into the freezer for a while and chip the wax off maybe?
hausfrau said…
I own a useful book which tells me: Prise off as much as you can. This is easier if you freeze the article for an hour or so and then crack the pieces off. Any residue can be sandwiched between sheets of clean brown paper, blotting paper or tissues and ironed with a warm iron. Last remains of wax should be disolved and flushed away with a dry-cleaning solvent. Any colour left from the wax should be treated with white spirit and rinsed.
I know the first couple of suggestions work but confess I'd hesitate to do the dry cleaning bit! But maybe you could get that bit professionally done if it seemed necessary? Good luck!
Kelloggsville said…
Don't hit the Ganglion. It's an old wives tale that will make it worse.

I use twitter for my browse the bookshelf blog reads to give me something varied. My favourites I leave in my blog roll list.
Marcheline said…
1. Definite lens envy!
2. Don't hit yourself. Ouch.
3. The ironing over brown paper really does remove wax, but I'm damned if I can figure out how you'll iron a lampshade. New lampshade, end of problem.
4. If you freeze your candles before lighting them, it supposedly stops them from dripping.
5. Looking forward to new pictures!
6. I fell and whacked my shin decorating the tree this year, and while I don't have lumps, it still hurts to the touch and the mark is still visible. I feel your pain, but really.
sensibilia said…
Bit worried about your fuzzy eyesight - hope nothing serious. Anyway, your pics are beautifully clear. I have given up posting pics as they come out all blurred or the wrong way round! I feel much happier using words.

Interesting about the dream. I firmly believe that the subconscious is telling us something in our dreams.