APART from the bit where the bull gets killed or hurt........

I am now even more fascinated by bullfighting. If I could remove the beautiful beast from the event, then the rest of it..........the passion, the theatre, the history, the costumes, the stories, the colour and the drama....then I think I would consider going to a bullfight. Mad eh?
In Seville recently, and with an hour or so of a gap between 'seeing sights' eating and drinking and generally being touristy, one of our group suggested that as it was close by, we could visit the bullring and the bullfighting museum. And I am so glad we did. It was just really, really interesting and very beautiful in a way that I cannot put my finger on.

I don't understand it. I hate the idea of tormenting a magnificent beast.
I hate the idea that an ear or a tail is taken as a token from the bull.
I hate the fact that men die undertaking bullfighting. I don't really get it...but I can see that if you did get it it would be amazing.

It puzzles me that I am not aghast at the very idea..but I'm not...curious eh?


Marcheline said…
I'll stick to just looking at pictures of men with lovely tushies in tight pants... it's the best part, in my opinion. 8-)
Steve said…
I think bull fighting is as fascinating as gladiator battles... but like the gladiators it should be consigned to history.
Nota Bene said…
the pomp and ceremony of the whole thing is magnificent...but it is unspeakably cruel...I could never watch it, but many people love blood sports
Nana Go-Go said…
Everything Marcheline said....except those daft Mickey Mouse hats they wear!Have a good weekend, Libs. x
I think you can appreciate the customs of other nations and admire the passion that goes with it, even if you don't approve of the activity itself. Nothing wrong in that. A bit like fox hunting here?
libby said…
Valid points of view people...all valid.
I remember walking through the gates and seeing the arena and saying 'wow' and then being rapt listening to the tour guide....it was a really really interesting visit, and I can't truly say that about all tourist undertakings.