Ma said today that Pa would love to go and see Another Place, the Gormely men at Formby Beach. This was a surprise to me as we visited there some years ago and he has never mentioned it before...but happy to oblige we are now planning a weekend in Liverpool, where we can do a few things at once...once again (and happily) visit the city of his birth, see our daughter (his grand daughter) at Liverpool University, visit the new museum, and see favourite cousins.....who happened to ring out of the blue about an hour ago! spooky or what! Although we are regular visitors to Liverpool, pa at 83 has only felt able to go now and again and so it has been a few years since he walked around Albert Docks and his childhood haunts.
Me and the mister are also planning a visit to York and then Wakefield for a weekend to explore the sculpture park. I like having things on the horizon...trips to look forward to. For years and years when the kids were little we did manage to gad about here and there exploring but  for instance, I remember York as beautiful, but the viking centre was closed or full or booked or something and the kids were not really into the Minster, so our one day there felt like a 'must make a mental note to come back at leisure without the kids' type of place. Then off to the woods or the beach or the park or the pictures or bowling or gallery whatever.