Saturday, July 9, 2011

Marooned.....and tinkering..........can you tell?....

I am marooned, locked in, with provisions and instructions to stay put. Not exactly a chore is it?
So after reading lots of blogs I have tinkered with mine. Only I am not sure what I have done and think I preferred it before. It is not easy on the eye and the colours and shapes and sizes are not right...will tinker some more...wish me luck.

Remember my favourite chair in the spare room?
 well I am sitting in it now, in my nightie, with a bowl of shredded wheat, some toast and that fancypants expensive honey that my sister got me into, a cup of tea and my laptop.
The cat was here,
stretched out in the sun, but as soon as the noise started he scarpered.

Ah yes the noise. Coming in from work yesterday I found that the mister is using a sander on our floors....upstairs and down. He started yesterday and I am a bit startled because at the moment there is a faint whiff of burning.
All windows are open and all doors are closed.
Did I mention the dust? no? that fine fine dust that is in every little place where you would think it would be impossible for anything to be.....there will need to be some pretty darn good dusting and cleaning going on in these here parts over the next few weeks I imagine............and guess who might have to do it?
There has also been the installation of a toilet seat that 'closes slowly and quietly'. Only when I just sat on it my left upper thigh was painfully gripped by a split in the wood that made me yelp......only the mister couldn't hear me because of the sanding.


He has now promised to take it off and return our good old fashioned normal lavatory seat.
The floors are looking good though.


Steve said...

Good luck with the dusting... but I'd put that off until later if I were you. Just enjoy the morning and your honey!

Kelloggsville said...

I quite like the new look. I didn't have to scroll down to start reading. Being as lazy as a cat, I like that.

Nana Go-Go said...

Oh dear, we really do have parallel lives! I`m just about to be evicted from my house to allow the workmen in to rewire and put a new kitchen in. Meanwhile, I`m sitting here surrounded by packing boxes which my lovely crew helped me fill up today and then went home to their respective `palaces` and forgot to tell me which boxes they put my food and teabags in!As for the dust.....I`ll think about that tomorrow. Love your new look but I miss your curtain blowing in the breeze!Have a good weekend, Libs.

Trish @ Mum's Gone to... said...

Don't talk to me about fine dust - heartily sick of the stuff!
I rather like your new style. The good thing is that when your blog pops up now there is some writing visible whereas before it was all picture so you had to scroll down. So this may help people who find you accidently stay longer?

libby said...

Morning everyone...thanks for calling.
I think I quite like the new look myself now..seems a little crisper and clearer etc.,
As the 'flooring' challenge is still underway there is no need for cleaning and dusting (hurrah) so today will be another day of reading, walking, eating, drinking, watching tv and visiting ma and short just being a bone idle bugger!
PS Nana..hope you found the teabags or the booze!

Marcheline said...

Gorgeous room! Gorgeous cat! I have a silent-close toilet seat that I absolutely LOVE... but it's white molded plastic - no pinchie!

Isabelle said...

I keep thinking I might change my blog look but am a bit chicken in case I delete it by mistake. Must get Daughter 1 on the case.

I love your house! We theoretically have three spare rooms now that the children have gone, but unfortunately their stuff hasn't all gone with them...

libby said...

Hi silent close is on now..all good!
Isabelle...and I love yours.....and my kids stuff is all in the garage....I am mortified when the meter man calls and sees it all!

Blowing the dust off the blog......

And in other news.......... I have decided to retire at Christmas. This will be a reduction in money coming in but hopefully a better qua...