Sunday, June 12, 2011

Getting stuff done.....

This weekend was designated as 'getting around to stuff' weekend.
Those jobs that have been put off for ages.

So yesterday the garage door was flung open, and because I was ashamed that we didn't just have a car in there like normal people, we chose to make an early start before the neighbours could see just how much crap we had crammed in there over the years. We rolled up our sleeves, gritted our teeth, and we made inroads into the sorting of many years of accumulated tat/treasure.

We had -
unopened rolls of wallpaper/furniture/sewing machine/wool/clothes/records/books/crayons/crockery/vhs tapes/curtains/bikes/school books/knick knacks(?)/bags/skates/venetian blinds that do not fit any window in this house and lots and lots of other stuff.
Out onto the drive we made 'piles' - one for the tip, one for charity and one to be crammed back into the garage because I couldn't bear to part with it, or 'it will come in useful one day'.
Last time we did this, we went into the kitchen for a cuppa halfway through and when we emerged a lady was wandering up and down the drive looking at stuff..she thought it was a sale....and she sniffed and walked away empty handed because obviously none of my treasure was to her liking!
This time I was ruthless. Into the 'tip' pile went all kinds of stuff, and the mister had to visit more than one charity shop because the lady in the first one asked 'how many bags are you bringing?'.
We have hundreds of LP's and bags of Beanie babies and shelf after shelf of books, so now that we can actually get into the garage, we can decide which pile to put them into over the next few days.

Today we had hours of fun (I know...define the word fun?) putting quilts and bedthrows into those vacuum pack bags ...y'know..where if you use the hoover they are flattened as all the air is sucked out.  There are now quite a few of them on the top shelf of the airing cupboard....but as we are not sure they really work, we suspect that in the morning if we open the airing cupboard door we will be smothered by escaping bedding exploding on to us like the Pilsbury dough man from Ghostbusters....that film dates me doesn't it?

Have also tried to remove the cat hair that is everywhere in this bloody far have gathered enough to make another cat........I do love them but so wish we didn't have them.....after mopping the kitchen floor the cat quite serenely came in from the garden and left pretty little paw prints in a neat trail from catflap to kitchen/hall door....aaaaggghhhhhhhh.


Have to keep checking how the 'vhs - disc' switchover operation is going and this seems to mean that I have to sit down for 10 mins and watch the kids when they were little and  sigh and ooh and aah, then periodically say 'my god I know it was the 80's but why did I have that perm???'........

Anyhoo...all this activity has taken its toll and now I fancy a glass of wine...........lots of ironing to do tomorrow.....and then a weekend at my sisters by the sea next weekend for another little 'four room' break.

Enjoy your week and thanks for reading!


Steve said...

Wow. I mowed the lawns before the rain started yesterday. I was quite proud of that.

Nana Go-Go said...

How spooky! I`ve been doing the same clearing-out but in my boxroom! I`ve managed to hone down the charity `outgoings` to two large bin bags, a couple of baskets full of old pc games and various assorted plugs and leads,a glass chess set and a South Park money bank. That`s one corner of the room taken care of....just got the other three to go round now!
(A propos the `four room` thingy,does it count if you`ve only got three rooms and a boxroom - I could just go easy on the `spiritual!?)
Have a great week, Libs.

Curry Queen said...

Oh how this resonates at Crap Cottage! We have a double garage full of crud which was hastily stuffed in there when we moved in nearly 5 years ago and hasn't seen the light of day since. We keep meaning to clear it out but somehow, meh. Also, I can help with your cat hair problem. You need to buy a Furminator. It is expensive (approx £20) but worth every penny. Find it on Amazon - it will change your life!!

libby said... well you should be Steve...well done.
Nana...maybe your 'spiritual' is a box room? we each have our own way don't we? you sound busy..we must all be feeling springlike..have a good week.
CQ...really? does it work? might investigate..thanks.

Moannie said...

Phew! We have a car less garage too and it is stuffed to the roof with 'stuff' that we swear we are going to clear day.

Sounds to me that a car boot sale is in order; you do know that Beany Babies are sell-able and so is vinyl. And there is a buyer for your 'rubbish' out there

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