Absent only in body....

My beautiful daughter is 20 today.
My youngest child, no longer a teenager.
For the first time in her life she is not here with us on her birthday.
We had her here at the weekend, so presents and cake and kisses, all birthday 'stuff' was undertaken then.
Now, University, exams, friends, May Balls, gigs, having a great time....all her recent and current pleasures....she is leading a life she loves and for that I am hugely thankful.

20? there must be a great big rip in the universal time scale somewhere because I don't remember those years........I remember holding her, feeding her, bathing her, reading stories......brushing her hair.....and snuggling up together to talk about what school had been like that day..............

I love her with every fibre of my being. My girl. My beautiful girl.
Happy birthday sweetpea.


Macy said…
Help, I'm still getting over how the sweet, chubby wee cherub I used to read bedtime stories to was replaced a while back with a great gangling, monosyllabic hoodie.
You're saying the cherub might never be back??? Is this rip in the timescale permanent then??
Many happy returns (in more ways than one..)
Andy said…
Happy birthday, Libby's daughter!
Oh God you've set me off again. I'm all choked up.

"A great big rip in the universal time scale"...oh so true xx
Steve said…
What a beautiful post. I shall treasure my 3 year old all the more for him still being 3.
I know ... where does it go? My baby girl's 21 and I don't know how that happened!
auntiegwen said…
Much , much love to your beautiful girl from all of us xxxxx and we will be sending all positive vibes on Friday xxxxx
libby said…
Macy, the cherub is in your head and heart still.
Andy, how sweet of you..thanks.
Trish...grab Rory and give him a hug as often as you can..kiss him too.
Steve..3? oh such a beautiful stage...as each one is really.
Catherine...I think the 21st birthday is still so special..so God willing next year I will be posting about my 'baby' still.
Auntiegwen.....thank you so much sweetheart...you know how mushy we are about our babies...and thank you so so much for the vibes and kind thoughts xxxx
Nana Go-Go said…
Just spotted this which explains the cake on the other post - just ignore me - I have no other excuse other than that`s just me I`m afraid!Happy Birthday to Your Princess.x