Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cosmic ordering?

What do you think? anything to it? worth a try surely............focus and patience and persistence are all that is needed maybe so watch this space.

Anyhoo......I have just read a '5 things I would change about my wedding' on and quite fancy doing it myself (wasn't invited to but what the that bad blogging etiquette? never mind..)

So I must say firstly that perhaps having had a white wedding once I have realised that it wasn't for me...I would not have one now....if I could go back in time I would.......

1. Make it smaller....fewer people, and only people that I wanted would be invited.
2. Not wear the silly dress that I wore, and which I didn't even like on the day.
3. Not have a disco.
4. Not have a 'wedding photographer' order us about.
5. Not sit in the sun and get burned the day before.

It is a strange fact that my wedding day was NOT the happiest day of my life......there were SO many things wrong with it.....I didn't like quite a few of the family and friends that had to be invited, I didn't like having to drive here and there picking people up and ferrying people around on my special day, I didn't like that my hairdresser friend let me down on the day and didn't turn up to do my hair and my mom spent all day telling me what a mess I had made of it myself, I hated the hideous doll ( a doll! a bride doll!!) that my mother in law gave me to carry with my bouquet, which I kept trying to lose and she kept finding and giving back to me... I hated it. I didn't like the fact that the florist sent the wrong flowers and my bouquet was not what I had ordered or wanted, I didn't like it when the organist did not play any music that I wanted and hardly played any music at all and  forgot to play as I walked up the aisle, so that all I could hear was the very loud squeek squeek on the floor from the shoes of the unknow to us  priest that arrived to replace the one we were expecting, I didn't like the way the photographer moved us about in a bossy way and took photos that were naff and we didn't like, I didn't like the way we let him because we assumed he knew what he was doing, I didn't like it that my cousin turned up in a white dress, I didn't like arriving at the reception to find my husbands mates already there and half cut, I didn't like catching sight of myself in the mirror in the loo sneakily dragging on a cigarette (the mister has never smoked and I gave up when I got married), I didn't like it when I spent most of the evening wondering where my new husband was ( he had LEFT his own wedding reception to have a drink at the local pubs that were new to him) and I didn't like the fact that I cannot remember anything my dad said, either before we left the house or at the reception.

I wanted to do everything right. Everything was wrong.

The whole day was a waste of money and time and effort.
I cannot honestly say that I was happy on that day.

We have had some difficult times and no doubt there will be more.
Yet, I like to think we will grow old together, and continue to hold hands like we still do...he still makes me laugh (even with his clothes on) and he loves me, which is ... well... puzzling sometimes.

Maybe, just like in SATC, a bad wedding can mean a good marriage.
We have been together for over 30 years.


Kelloggsville said...

Blimey, that sounds exactly the same as my first wedding- except for the doll (doll?!) sounds to me like you could do with doing it all over again (how you want to) but to the same man :)

libby said...

Did cross my mind K.....but decided against it.
Glad your second time around is different.

She Means Well... said...

Oh, I can SO identify with what you say!

Is it very bad that deep-down I hope that if my ManChild (now 14) ever gets hitched, he'll go for a less than conventional, low-key event rather than the usual beanfest expected in Greek society?

That's certainly what I would have wanted, so maybe I'm just projecting my desires onto him?

Isabelle said...

Well, I hope that my darling daughter doesn't feel that way about her wedding (in September) in future years. We're trying to make it nice for her even though we wish she wasn't marrying this particular man...

Nana Go-Go said...

Well, Libs, all of the things you had at your wedding (except perhaps the mishaps!)is how I had wanted mine. Unfortunately, whilst adhering to my prospective new husband`s commands, the whole affair was rather low-key.I had the kind of wedding you yearned for and in the subsequent years always felt that I was `done out of` my big day because ours was so quiet there were only 4 folk at it, two of whom were the witnesses! There`ll never be a `next time` for me but my parents had their `bit of a do` that following year, when my younger sister got married and I could float around in a Laura Ashley `Little House on the Prairie`-style bridesmaid`s dress, complete with wood nymph-type headdress a la `When the Moon is in the Seventh House.......`!Don`t tell anyone that though, they`ll all think I`m nuts! Good Weekend to ya. x

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