trying to come back up from the dip......

Quiet at work and again I wanted to sigh and cry.....but in the end just carried on (because we have to don't we?) and in the spirit of trying to do something positive, at the end of the day, got together with my team and we had a meeting with our team leader. Without any swearing, and quietly, and, I hope, succintly and professionally we talked through our 'issues'.
I am not a fool, and I know (and have occasionally used) 'manager speak'.
He used it.
Placated us. Took it onboard. Understood. Thanked us for sharing. Noted our concerns.Asked us to leave it with him.
Used words and said fuck all.

Will end this post and do a different one now.....will switch my attitude.....for me, for my well being.


Steve said…
"Used words and said fuck all". That is the dictionary definition of "manager".
libby said…
One day day....our unhappy working lives will be a memory..
Nana Go-Go said…
I`m dreading going back to mine on Monday after a week free from the shackles of wage slavedom. I`m sooooo ready for retirement!x