Saturday, February 12, 2011

Not smug....just grateful....

1. Not getting up for work.....this was good.
2. Taking time over a breakfast of soft, hot croissant and ginger jam with tea....also good.
3. Husband filling my car with petrol and going to Tesco to get some shopping....that's him not me..what a hero.
4. Driving through the beautiful countryside on my way to visit ma and pa...fabulous.
5. Ma and Pa in good form.....managing to do a little gardening, and ma beginning to repeat things but
   looking well. Sorting out dads tv remote and getting him dtv'd up...result.
6. My pa giving me a necklace that he had bought for me in a charity shop..very pretty.
7. Stopping to charity shop on the way home and buying a lovely M+S linen shirt/tunic and 4 King penguin books.
8. Dropping by my sons on the way home.....seeing my lad always makes me happy.
9. Dinner cooked by husband when I arrive home.....and he bought me a cheesecake!
10. Phone call from sister to say that niece has a job.
11. Phone call from friend to arrange lunch and walk in park tomorrow.

As I far so amazingly lucky and blessed am I?

How has your day been?

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Steve said...

As Ian Dury would say: reasons to be cheerful, part 3...

Blowing the dust off the blog......

And in other news.......... I have decided to retire at Christmas. This will be a reduction in money coming in but hopefully a better qua...