I've been watching the telly again.......

Last night.......Gilbert and George.
Wankers? Wonderful?  Wonderful wankers?

I have always liked them.
I am not sure why, because if I think about it they could be very irritating....posh wanky arty types that are so up themselves it beggars belief.

And yet.....

I love to listen to George, his soft posh voice pleases me.
The fact that they 'are' living sculptures tickles me.

I don't like the fact that they both quietly say/grunt a low 'no' in a questioning way very quickly at the end of every sentence.
I do like their uniqueness.

There is symmetry in their work, which also pleases me.

Given that I am a creature of mood, perhaps on another day I will not like them so much.....

but today I do.


Steve said…
I must admit they merely make me shrug my shoulders.
Nana Go-Go said…
My days are filled with `soft,posh voices` - sometimes rising to shrill crescendos!(does that have an `e` in it?) - although I myself do not own a `soft,posh voice` - if I did, it`d be in Argentina,where the rest of them have gone for a month!Have a great weekend, Libs.