Thursday, November 25, 2010

an opportunity for change....more smoke and mirrors?

I believe the Prime Minister is concerned with how I feel. Apparently. The well being of the nation is to be looked at. Hmmph.
I am old enough now and disgruntled enough to think that all politicians are the same sauce in different bottles.
I want to think that things will change...the nation and all its citizens will have life, liberty, food, water and shelter, jobs, health, education and enjoy peace.
I want to be a size 12 with bigger boobs and have no mortgage.......ain't gonna happen.....


auntiegwen said...

Would you like some of my boobs? I have loads to spare and I would so get mine reduced to a nice 32B if I had the cash. Hey maybe I should try selling mine on ebay? x

Steve said...

Totally with you. Same meat, different gravy as my old Geography teacher used to say. A wise man, he was. And he could read maps upside down.

libby said...

Boobs for you too Steve? I know you're flashing lots of them over at yours...and reading maps upside down???? impressive.....'d have to put yourself up there 'whole' and just imagine the bids!!

Steve said...

Absolutely. I'd love a different pair every day.

Er. Don't tell my wife I said that.


Twenty seven.

For now anyway.