One year old today......

The camera may be slightly better than the other one...but the operator (that would be me) is just as useless....have no idea what button or whistle to play with........but today I was here.......and there was one of these and we walked by this. Saw my daughter, met some uni., friends, lunched with family.... had a wonderful day. Thank you 'fates' are bestowing kindness upon me and I am truly grateful.
ps one year blog baby is taking faltering steps and has a birthday love laugh everyone x


Steve said…
I'm crap at geography but I'm thinking Liverpool because I've been there once and your photos ring a bell.

Happy blog birthday!
auntiegwen said…
happy blog birthday

with much love from me

Nana Go-Go said…
Happy Bloggerooniversary!
You must be doing something right with the camera - those pics are brilliant!I love the way you can stretch your eye to the farthest end of the quay - think that`s called `depth of field`?
Happy Sunday to Ya! x
libby said…
Thank you everyone...such kind people in blogland.