Diagnosis....lazy bugger?

I have spent the whole weekend either in bed or on the couch with a blanket on me. Things needed doing..life was going on, but I felt like my battery had just stopped. Came home early from work on Thursday and went straight to bed. Can't sleep. Am too hot or too cold. Have no energy. Not hungry and don't even want cake. Am told I look a funny colour. Haven't left the house since Friday. Had a shower yesterday morning in a 'pull yourself together' way and then fell asleep on the bed again. BIG KICK in arse needed..so am up now and will shower and re-enter the world. Need a sit down first though. What do others do when they sort of slip off the road like this?


Nana Go-Go said…
There`s a difference between just having an off day and feeling completely wapped-out.There must be a reason for what`s ailing you and since your symptoms have lasted a whole weekend,I`d suggest a visit to the doc - it could be anything,anaemia,thyroid - but guessing`s no use - get yourself seen to!
Coffee, cake, shopping!

But seriously, you could have a virus or something. Get yourself checked out in a day or two if you're still the same.
Steve said…
I don't fight it. Except for the lack inclination towards cake. Now that I do fight.
auntiegwen said…
You're ill, it's official, I used to be a nurse and they haven't asked for their badge back yet.

Get thee to a doctor xxx
And I failed to get any science O levels, but in my esteemed medical opinion you're not well at all and you should rest. Get well soon x
Madame DeFarge said…
Accept that you feel like that, enjoy it while you can and make a big list. Don't do anything on it, but just making it makes me feel better. Take care.