A day out....

My elder sister, the one who had a 60th birthday this year, is spending a couple of days with us here at 'needs dusting towers'. Today we were in the City Centre. This is quite a big outing for my sister and needs to have care taken over when manouvering things like trains and escalators. She caused a big backlog queue at the station as she tried and failed repeatedly to get onto the escalator, so we allowed all and sundry who were tutting behind us to go ahead and we took the stairs. She tripped over a pavement bump (although she only stumbled and I caught her arm) and was very flustered and said that she 'saw my life flash before me'. She also found the sight of so many ladies clothed from head to toe in burqas/hijabs quite startling and curious. Considered returning the italian biscuit at the coffee shop because it was 'so hard! it's going to break my teeth!' but was persuaded not to. Stood and gasped and 'oh-ed' and 'ah-ed' when a poor lady had her handbag stolen from the shoe shop we were in. Thought that the elderly gentleman who briefly spoke to us personably on the train home was 'chatting me up...why do all the nutters come to me...'. Bought herself  a pair of trousers, a pair of shoes, two jumpers and a newspaper. Has had to go and have a lie down now as it has all been too much for her. We are off to the 'pictures' tonight. All in all it has'nt been too bad a day but she certainly shares something with my mother that drives me mad..........they never stop talking......never....no natural breaks ....and with comments made on everything or random things just remarked upon...'ooh look that jumper is green'...'where is that plane going?' '£3.40 for a birthday card?!'. and jumping like she had been physically accosted or shot if she heard a barely audible car backfire or slight noise. Will be returning her  home tomorrow where she can relax......and tomorrow evening so can I.

Forgot in my last post about blogging to mention the 'vintage' sites I love to look at......there is such comort to be had in looking at old eiderdowns and knick-knacks and kitchenware....but as I keep saying out loud 'we've got that in the garage/shed/cupboard' or 'fifteen pounds for that!' or 'I remember mom using those' or 'well there are 3 of those around the corner in the charity shop'  I am mindful of the saying 'The only person interested in what your Grandma had is your Grandpa...'


Steve said…
Good grief. It sounds like you've had a day on the set of Last of The Summer Wine! ;-)
Your description of the day with your sister is perfect: I can visualise the whole thing and empathise as my mother is the same with the running commentary.