Saturday night....watching Revolutionary Road...never wanted to but am bored...quite into it now.......makes me want to 'leave messages' for my kids....have already written goodbye letters last year 'just in case'........maybe it is the 3 glasses of wine loosening me up but I wish I could make sure that when I am dead and gone my daughter will laugh when she remembers the whispering gallery in new york or the 'humming while playing with my food' story from Grandma and that my son will smile if he thinks about my sign language to him every time he drives away from the house and 'true colours'....I can't ensure anything.....I can't will the world to be a good place or the fates to give my kids health and happiness.......just keep putting one foot in front of the other and thanking my lucky, beautiful, stars


auntiegwen said…
It's a good thing to do. I hope when mine are adults they'll read the blogs I've written for them on their birthday and feel the love.

I hope they'll read the blog in general and remember things they've forgotten about their life with me. xx