Want to be this age again. Wish I could go back and take different turns in the road. Know that I can't.......have had a 'bitter and twisted' type day today....started off with a bastard of a customer that just made me want to shout 'fuck off' to his face....followed on by two bone idle skiving colleagues who just leave the work to the rest of us and have no notion of 'team work'....it is also fucking cold in this house.....have just had a bowl of porridge for dinner as I can't be arsed to cook...if I were a few years younger I'd think I had pmt....but no its just me being a grumpy old lady....with no brooch or per una cardi in sight (that's for you Auntiegwen) and in fact looking at this pic of mum with me makes me smile and feel a bit better...and the porridge is kicking in 'cos I'm not so hungry and I might go and have a glass of wine (again...that's 3 nights in a row....)and today is nearly done and tomorrow is yet to come ...so God willing I will greet a new, happier tomorrow.


auntiegwen said…
Oyster Bay merlot has £3 off per bottle at Sainsburys, I like to spread the joy xxx

and we'll never succumb to the brooch and the per una cardie xxx
libby said…
You are a good girl and a lovely new friend xxx