Friday!!!!!!!!! a lie in tomorrow followed by our usual weekend treat....purleeese I'm talking about breakfast.....and even though I am practically vegetarian a weekly crispy bacon sandwich followed by ginger jam on toast with a pot of tea (always a pot, can't do the teabag in a mug thing) sets me up nicely for the weekend............It is FREEZING here in the midlands, but the snow is gone and each day there is something ever so slightly more creeping slowly towards spring either in the garden or the sky...this month is almost over......what will this year bring?


auntiegwen said…
I have my coffee in the biggest mug you can find (I have several from Starbucks in the Venti size)

I really am a vegetarian

I have toast with Roses lemon and lime marmalade

I too am in the Midlands

We are morphing into each other, Libby, next week you'll be saying feck and would you give yourself peace
auntiegwen said…
Love your outfit in the profile pic