Monday, June 11, 2018


Spending an hour at an allotment open day in the sunshine.
A toasted croissant slathered in butter for breakfast.
Drying washing on a line in the garden.
Having a glass of Guinness when sat in the garden.
Reading the papers and doing the crossword and sudoku.
Using lemon thyme and mint for my salmon, spinach, asparagus and new potatoes lunch, with both herbs picked from my garden.
Weeding the drive......regretting starting the job in the sun but persevering and being happy with a job done.
Watching the last episode of Patrick Melrose.
Conversations with family via the magic of the telephone....which to this day still amazes me as a marvelous invention....along with the camera.
Ordering a new microwave and oven on the internet.....after months of 'shall I shan't I?'.
Eating almost a complete bar of nutty chocolate.
Reading the blogs of blogger friends and being glad of the friendship.

My favourite plant.......not sure what it is........and I loved the wilder plots most but this plot was the tidiest and their house is immaculate!
I'm a lucky girl.


Bea said...

Your Sunday sounds like it was full of some of the best things in life.

Nana Go-Go said...

I had the loveliest Sunday out with my Ma. We went to the Procession 2018 in Edinburgh and was awestruck at the 'sisterhood solidarity' shown in all its colourful glory. It was joyful and fun and a great atmosphere then afterwards we went to a trendy hipster joint for lunch - Mother paid! - and she was amazed to sit and watch the world go by in all its trendy hipness and by how polite the trendy young things were to the two little old ladies sat amongst them, there in the heart of the city.

Mrs. Splapthing said...

Can't wait to watch Patrick Melrose... as I'm in NY, will have to wait for it on DVD, though... sigh...

Cro Magnon said...

Those of us lucky enough to have a garden, see life differently. That difference is worth its weight in gold.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Nice blogpost and I love the word "slathered". It sounds like a word that drinking fellows might use. "We were out in Leicester city centre last night and got totally slathered!"

gz said...

Hi,over from Cro's blog.
A lovely post.
The plant looks similar to Angelica..but it might not be...

libby said... was a day that had both good and bad but I focus on the good. glad you had a good day..and that mother paid! have a treat in store, it is really good.
Cro...true...and for the first time I am growing stuff to eat in it! 'slathered' a new word to you then?
gz...welcome....I will investigate the was a good day.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Life sounds good Libby ..... and, although weeding is a hard job, doesn’t it feel ( abd look ) good when it’s done? XXXX

libby said...

Jackie...Life is mixed and up and down and so I focus on the seems to work ....and yes when I had finished I was so glad to have done the weeding...but that was only on the drive! I can't face the end of the back garden yet! xx

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