Friday, July 22, 2016

As if the world and all its' people didn't puzzle me enough............

This scent 'Tocade' by Rochas, is one I have been wearing to work for a long time. Strangely I never wear it when I'm not at work...I don't know why, but I wear a different scent in my non work life.
As you can see by the bottle on the left it is time for some more.
The mister very kindly fired up the internet and ordered some for me...and it has arrived in a different bottle. Tocade is an old scent (for an old lady like me) and I don't think you can buy it in shops anymore, so I'm not sure if this is just a change of bottle or some pretend stuff .... puzzling.

Also, I had to take my big sister to a hospital I was not very familiar with earlier today for an x ray, and drove into the car park, passing lots of signs that said 'don't forget to pay'......I then took an age wandering around like an idiot with my purse in my hands looking for the machine to pay some money into, and was quite flummoxed by the only machine I could find that turned out to be where you plug in electric cars. I stood looking at it for a while and in my head was reminded of Candid Camera and wondered if I was making someone somewhere laugh.  I decided to go into the hospital and ask where the machines were and of course the machine is inside the building next to the receptionist who told me that my car had been photographed on the way in and I could just put my registration details in on the way out....of course my car reg went completely out of my head and I then had to walk all over the car park again to look at it and then return to the machine......I felt so foolish, although there was a queue of people all looking perplexed and lining up at the machine mumbling and muttering just like I was. Of course we were all of a certain age so .........this modern world is very puzzling.

Most puzzling of all is why we, humankind, act the way we do.
Trump may become the next Potus,.....half of the population is fighting, verbally, against the other half, a coconut on a stick has more sense than most of our politicians, half the world has no food and the other half too much, murder and mayhem are commonplace in news reports now and common sense and decency and kindness seem in short supply.

What on earth is going to become of us all?


Yorkshire Pudding said...

What a silly assumption - that folk will automatically remember their registration numbers. Besides, why can't we have free parking at hospitals - just like Scotland? And how come those cunning Scots also cover students' tuition fees and still give out bus passes when you reach sixty? Where are they getting this money from?

Cro Magnon said...

We (they) are creating the perfect climate for rebellion. The only remaining question is when will it begin in earnest?

sensibilia said...

Had to google Potus, so old and out of touch!

Increase the Peace...........

Kindness. Let's share it. x