Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Takes me right back.....

I was sorry to hear of the death of Glenn Frey today.
The music of the Eagles has always been close to my heart.
When I was a teenager I once dated a tall, dark, handsome lad for some months. He had dark hair, blue eyes and I was really smitten. One weekend we borrowed a car and drove for a couple of hours on the motorway heading for a 'weekend away'.
Whenever I hear the Eagles I am instantly taken back in my mind to that journey...it was such a lovely time.
Although I was a teenager I remember feeling very grown up...I was in a car, going away for a weekend with my sexy boyfriend, it was summer, the sun was shining, I was slim and young and I remember that I was wearing a pale blue and white cheesecloth shirt and jeans.....when we stopped at a service station, although I seem to think it was more of a garage, to my surprise, he gave me a gift he had just bought me 'for the journey'. It was an 8 track cassette. The Eagles. Which I played and played and played and played. On that journey I remember singing and smiling and feeling sexy and happy.
A few months later he went away to University, and although I visited him there in the early days, and he came home now and again, the relationship just came to a natural end....I had stayed in our home town and was mixing with other lads and he didn't really stay in my mind once he was out of sight.......
I never saw them live although I did see Joe Walsh....he had a bit more about him I thought..he seemed a bit naughtier.
Middle of the road music? boring easy listening music? Maybe ...but if I hear their music I am transported back in time to a really happy little memory.


sensibilia said...

Oh that is so lovely. You've captured the moment in time. (What a guy, how perfect he sounds!) Yes, music does have the power to evoke a particular period in one's life, so well. Sad that many of the icons we grew up with are passing. Alan Rickman too - a great actor.

Nana Go-Go said...

Desperado does it for me. Such memories. All that hair, those tight hipster pants, cowboy boots. I never thought they were 'lightweights' musically but the Messrs Crosby,Stills and Nash never had a good word to say about them. Still, 150 million people worldwide who bought their albums couldn't all be wrong! 8-track cassettes, blimey weren't they heavy?

Cro Magnon said...

I still have my Hotel California album upstairs somewhere, unfortunately I no longer have a record player, so listen on Spotify instead. Great days!

libby said...

S...he was lovely but we weren't right for each other. I was sad about Alan Rickman too....loved him.
Nana..8 tracks...how ancient does that make me sound? and yet we felt very modern playing them in the car.
Cro..glad I'm not the only un-cool kid in the playground! I loved their music.


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