Saturday, October 4, 2014


The sky really was that blue.
For four days.
Wonderful views.
Lemon tarts and cherry brandy.
Best meal ever in a small Russian restaurant.
A 40% proof vodka...chilled glass.
Smallest glove shop ever seen.
Cheap taxis.

Suitcase unpacked and passport put away...just for 3 weeks though...when they will be needed again.
So far I'm liking the 'travel instead of a party' plan..very much indeed.


Trish Burgess said...

That's told me all I need to know! Funnily enough I was talking to my hairdresser yesterday about Lisbon - he's just returned and had a fabulous time.
Another one for my empty nester travel itinerary!

Cro Magnon said...

You make Lisbon sound very attractive; I could probably drive there in a day!

Steve said...

Travelling is good. Fresh perspectives and a true escape from working life.

Nana Go-Go said...

Happy Celebratory Travels to You, Missus. Have you applied for your Senior Railcard yet? Remember you get 25% off at Specsavers too! Some restaurants give you a 'Senior Citizens' menu with a huge discount but it only seems to contain foods you have to suck for some obscure reason!!! Great 'seeing' you, Libs. x

Yorkshire Pudding said...

When did you become so minimalist with regard to the use of language Libby? Before long you'll be writing:-
"Went to Leicester. Came home. The End." OR "WTL.CH.TE"

Are you listening Universe?

In the big scheme of things, my request is shamefully selfish and should be ignored, (and of course will be), and truth be told in my pressi...