'lechyd da...'

Christmas decorations, to me, are very special.
The two in the picture above are my most
recent acquisitions...but I won't be keeping them.
They are for my son and his new bride.
The Christmas decorations were obtained very, very recently, at Easter, in Wales.
Very close to Portmeirion where the wedding was held and where we all stayed.
Mr Blue Sky married Miss Bird.
Surrounded by family and friends......and love.

So.... a couple of not so good months.....followed by a week of pure non stop morning to evening happiness.
Ain't life grand?


Great to hear some happy news from D-scribes Towers this Easter. May it be the first of many happy posts.
Andy said…
Really glad that you had a good time, we were thinking about you over the weekend :)
Trish Burgess said…
So pleased to see your blog post pop up, Libby. We have missed you but relieved to know you haven't abandoned your online buddies.
I remember visiting Portmeirion as a child but it's a vague memory. Really must return.
Sending you and your family love and good wishes on your son's marriage xx
K Ville said…
Congratulations to them and lovely to hear of your happiness. xxx
Cro Magnon said…
Portmeirion's a hoot.
Nana Go-Go said…
And congrats to the new in-laws!Glad it all went well - any pics? x
auntiegwen said…
Oooh much love to you all xxxx
Nota Bene said…
I hope they enjoy them, and each other very much...
Marcheline said…
THERE YOU ARE!!! I was beginning to think you'd moved and left no forwarding zip code. Great news - I love weddings, even if I don't know the people getting married. I think I could easily be a professional wedding guest, if anyone would actually pay me to do it.
libby said…
Hello everyone.....am in the process of sorting through film/pictures of the wedding so will maybe post a couple in a few days....thank you for commenting....xx
Oh Happy days ahead for blue skies and bird, wonderful nicknames