Cannot get enough....

Of these......

Is there a 'do not exceed in one day' total do you think?


Steve said…
I don't think you can have too much of a good thing...
Kelloggsville said…
only when your skin is so orange you would be accepted in Essex!
It's not often you get them with leaves on - you must have bought them from a market?
I think that at least five of these little darlings are recommended per day. Enjoy!
My children get sore bottoms from eating too many of these - a pity.
Lovely photo.
libby said…
Macy, those too.
Steve, I wish I could stop after 6 biscuits.
K, well I haven't had that many!
Trish, Greengrocers at the local shops.
SMW, this 5 a day business ...does it include cake?
LMSG, thank you!
Not for stuff like this - I eat load of these cuties? too. In fact I ate sooo many apples at Uni some of my enamel wore off...(so maybe yes, then)