Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Any ideas?

I am brazenly unashamed about sending out requests via this blog. The blogging world is an amazing place and is populated with people who in my experience are kind and interesting and decent....and are fast becoming my 'go to' people for advice.
So what am I after?
Well, Me and the Mister will be in London next Monday and wonder if there is anything that would be fun and interesting (and cheap or free) to do between about 2 and 7...for a few hours...that's all.
A recommendation. We have a few ideas but would appreciate any thoughts.
Can you help?
Don't worry if the answer is no....and thanks for taking the time to read this.


Trish @ Mum's Gone To ... said...

The last time we were in London we did a BBC Tour of their Television Centre in Shepherd's Bush. It's a really interesting couple of hours (ish, might be less) for £9.95 each. And you might spot a star or two!

There is space on the tours next Monday afternoon (there's one at 1.45pm)

Here's the link:

thames_side said...

Leadenhall Market?
Covent Garden?

Steve said...

Natural history museum - always a winner.

Macy said...

Edinburgh and Glasgow? Yep.
London? It's been years. I wouldn't even know if the portrait gallery was still free.
I used to like the South Bank though

Nana Go-Go said...

For me it would have to be a boat trip down the river to Greenwich. Lots to take in then when you get there, the Cutty Sark,Maritime Museum (for Hubby), delightful French Restaurant where you can have afternoon coffee on the verandah then when you disembark, a stroll along the Embankment (the book stalls are worth a look), taking it all in.Enjoy whatever you end up doing.x

libby said... lovely of you to be so informative! thank you.
Thames_side..welcome! Leadenhall is the only one I'm not familiar with..thanks for dropping by.
Steve....yes I know... kids (young and old) always like a museum...
Macy...if we get to your part of the world sometime we expect some hints!
Nana...river trips are always fun and the southbank has a lot to offer..thanks

Kind of you all to drop by..thanks.

Working Mum said...

I love the Science Museum, but then, I am a geek! Have a great time!

libby said...

WM....geeks rule!

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