As in life....the big commitment, or lack thereof ...

As I get up at 'my goodness it is early o'clock' I like to make a pot of tea and sit reading blogs, while the world is quiet.
I read lots and lots of blogs, and am impressed by so very many. The funny blogs,the really funny blogs, the blogs of naturally gifted writers, the fabulous photo blogs, the 'here I am in all my inner self exposed to the world' blogs, although I doubt that is ever really true...I don't believe anyone doesn't use an inner filter when posting, you pay your money and take your choice, because there really is almost any kind of blog out there.
Yet I am puzzled about the dedication and work ethic, if you have a popular and fascinating blog, then just how all encompassing blogging is, and how it must eat into everyday quite significantly (especially  if you decide to do this post everyday malarkey that I have set myself...I know....I am the boss of me so why am I moaning??)
My deafult setting is and always has been 'could do better but is lazy and would rather eat cake' which in turn has meant that all through my life I have never been able to nail my colours to one mast.
To fully commit, or achieve, or decide which club to apply to join..... I was never a mod, a hippie, a goth, a nerd, a slut, a punk, a domestic goddess, or any one particular 'kind'.  I tinkered around the edges of all of them in one way or another. A particular hairstyle here, a way of speaking there, a kaftan with a whiff of patchouli, some sensible shoes and a satchel, baking cakes and gardening, motown, festivals, being with the wrong kind of man once or twice, staprest and short hair, 80's shoulder pads and big hair, spliffs, sensible clothes sometimes, bra-less and bare feet at others. I was never passionate about anything enough to fully commit. I admired the people who did.

I am a bystander. Which is ok. We can't all be headline acts.

The work involved in blogging, for some of the really popular blogs I read, reminds me of how 'only a toe in the water' kind of gal I am. The look of some blogs is beautiful, creative, individual, pleasureable to behold.
The natural wit of some writers is outstanding.....there are people making lots of money in the 'real' world who don't have a smidgeon of the talent that is displayed daily on t'interweb.....and I don't even use twitter or facebook so I am sure I am missing out on some quick and fabulous writing/authors...but I can't be arsed to change my phone....too busy eating cake y'see.
So, as I feel quite comfortable being a tinkerer or a dabbler I will not beat myself up about my blog or my posting. It is what it is...which is day 6 for me on my personal 'post something every day' journey.
Day 6...only 25 to go....(.wait...don't go! might pick up a bit in the middle!!)
In all honesty I doubt I will ever change....Lordy, at my age I think the time has passed for radical changes or a mid-life crisis....I mean, I really don't think I will ever reach 114, and would I want to? about scaring young children and horses.................


Steve said…
I think for me, I'm just always writing. If it wasn't a blog it would be a diary. So I don't really think about doing it... it just feels very natural. It does take a little work to keep it going but I have to say the payback - online friends, meeting other supportive writers - makes it all worthwhile.
thames_side said…
Keep going. It's great.
What's a staprest? I must have passed that one by.
Marcheline said…
I know what you mean. When I read blogs like "dooce" - I enjoy her writing style, but honestly I don't think she's that much better than a bunch of other blogs I read (or my own) and it kind of irks me that she is able (somehow, mysteriously) to make enough money with her blog that IT IS HER ONLY JOB.

Jeebs, I would love to make money with my blog and not have to go to work outside the house!
louciao said…
If you don't mind, I'd like to stand around here on the sidelines, dipping my toe in the cool waters of your blog, while munching on this tasty piece of cake.
Macy said…
Damn! I meant to comment on this entry at length yesterday, and then got sidelined.

There's a lot of interesting discussions to be had re types of blog and blogger motivations.
I read a couple of the bigger bloggers sometimes, but, to be honest, I always feel that there's something missing there.

I stopped reading Dooce years ago. Not only because, as Marcheline says, it's not that much better than other blogs, but because the personal touch is missing.

My blog started as a howl two years ago, and I've got through a lot since then in no small part with a small crowd of commentators cheering from the sidelines so to speak. I've seen commennts left by Big Bloggers across other blogs, but very very often it appears that they haven't necessarily read the post.
family affairs said…
Just left a long comment but lost it!! I've got an 18 y/o and just popping in to say hi and welcome to blog land!
family affairs said…
PS - seem to only be able to leave my old blog - new one at x
sensibilia said…
Tea and cake over blogging ANY day.