Home again.....

So there was very little sunshine....just a smidgeon now and again.
There was stormy weather....
There was a little girl with a cold and a temperature who needed some tlc so there was learning to use an ipad and play games that an 11 year old could skip through really quickly that just defeated this old lady.

There was laughter.
Great food. Chocolate.
Fish and chips with salt and vinegar and still in the paper. Low alcohol wine for the driver (me) and birthday cake and cava for the birthday girl (81).
Walks at dusk watching tremendous stormy skies and feeling the wind blow us this way and that. Sleeping in beds that were not quite as comfy as your own but beds where you could lie at night and hear the tide and watch the skies through windows in the roof.
There was meeting another blogger 'in real life!' and discovering delightful people.
There was playing cards in the afternoon and wandering about taking photos.
A telephone call from a good friend with news of gig tickets for next year that she has bought for us.
There was listening to my brother in laws playlist and loving it..old stuff/new stuff and constantly saying 'oh I love this...haven't heard it for years...' or 'this is great...who is it?'.
There was seeing my sister look happy and well.
There was seeing my ma sit on the deck saying 'oh how I have wanted to do this...just be well enough to sit here and look at the view'
There was 'Happy fathers day' for Pa......with a card and chocolates.
Comparing vegetable gardens.
Talk of long weekends later in the year if at all possible.
Visiting a shrine. Whispering to an old lady that her flies were undone and she was showing the word a little more than she needed to and her laughing and saying 'oh it pays to advertise dear!'!!
Telephone calls from across the world to wish  ma 'happy birthday grandma'.
There were hugs and kisses and hello's and goodbye's .

Good times and safe journeys and blessings being counted.


It all sounds just wonderful - enjoying and sharing the simple things in life!
Steve said…
You had me at chocolate.
Macy said…
Looks absolutely idyllic - right down to being under the velux during that rain!
Nana Go-Go said…
Looks like Hyannis Port - I`ve watched an entire weekend of the Kennedys!Also looks and sounds like heaven and so glad your folks are well. You had me at fish n`chips in the paper, with vinegar!Have a great week, Libs.
Marcheline said…
Wow! Great place!
auntiegwen said…
OOH looks fab, glad you had a great time xxx
Curry Queen said…
What gorgeous photos - they look as though they came out of a lifestyle magazine!
I seem to be out of the loop. Will now work backwords through your posts to find out where you've been! Photos look fabulous.
lola said…
I love you big sis.... xxx
Oh I love this post, it's made my day. Like poetry, from your mother sitting outside to the fish and chips in vinegar and paper...