Monday, August 2, 2010

not cut out to have 'staff''....

My husband has 'employed' one of his friends from the bookies he frequents rather too regularly on a Saturday to come and tidy up our garden now and again......this is both a good thing and a bad thing.......allow me to elucidate (ahem).....

bad thing.........said friend is a retired gentleman who has a bad limp - surely it is against some sort of health and safety/insurance issue to allow this lovely old gentleman near loppers and secateurs and prickly bushes?
bad thing.......said husband is a lazy fucker who could do the garden himself
(yes I know I could do the garden MYSELF but I usually have other commitments involving family on my day off)
bad thing........said husband has given said friend carte blanche (sp?) to do what he likes in the garden
bad thing.......said friend has just arrived and has made me feel all  ' Margot' from the good life.....should I just say hello?, offer a drink?, muck in and help before going out? ignore him ? I am not used to having people work for me...its usually the other way around and as I'm sitting here in my jamas blogging I feel guilty
bad thing......I don't like seeing a small limping gentleman pottering about doing husband assures me that his friend loves gardening and is happy to arrive and tidy up now and again...and my husband does pay him.....
good thing......I like the garden looking tidy

Me? council house kid or what?

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Steve said...

With a pronounced limp I'd keep him away from the lawnmower... unless you like you lawn cut in circles...!