Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Hi, my name is Libby and I'm a blogger.
I'm not a 'mummy with tinies' blogger.
I'm not  a 'growing my own food, building my own home' blogger.
I'm not a 'silver surfer, retired with money' blogger.
I'm not a 'living in a far flung place' blogger.
I'm not a 'running my own business' blogger.
There are so very many blogs.
Many interesting, funny, poignant blogs.
I stumbled into blogging when I googled something and was directed to a blog. A woman was writing and posting pictures about her life.
I was entranced.
I began to read.
I needed to find out about this strange new inviting world , peopled by kind, clever, funny 'bloggers'
I 'lurked' in the dark for ages.
Tentatively I started to post comments.
When I had a need to know something or share something or ask about something, there was always blogging.
When I needed to know how to do something I found a blogger who 'taught' me.
I started a blog of my own.
I can't stop now.
The very first blog I read just stopped. Did she move? die? grow tired of blogging?
The ether will provide the answer, at some point.
I love all the 'voices' of the people I read...thats you..and you...and you.
I met a blogger. We are now friends. How lucky am I?.
I like to think that one day, when I am dead and gone, my kids will read my blog..will hear my 'voice' and see what I saw.
Hi, my name is Libby and this is my 100th post.


Trish @ Mum's Gone to... said...

Libby this is such a fascinating insight into how and why people blog.

I agree, there is a community of bloggers who provide laughter, tears, information and friendship.

I think back to events that happened pre-blog and it frustrates me that I can't remember everything. In years to come, the details of what I'm doing and thinking now will be so much more accessible. Wish I'd started earlier!

Steve said...

Congratulations - looking forwards to your 1000th post! ;-)

libby said...

Trish, your comment 'pre-blog' is hitting the nail on the head...I wish that I had more photos of family, more notes of trivial day to day stuff with the kids when they were little....of no interest to anyone else but treasure for me to trawl back through in the coming years.
Steve...what an optimist you are! thanks!

auntiegwen said...

Congratulations on your 100th post xxx

Deer Baby said...

Congratulations on your 100th post and what a great list for blogging. That's why I started too. I met a blogger or two in real life and I'd like to think we're friends.

Thanks for your lovely comment on mine. It was a really special and I will treasure it.

diney said...

Happy 100th! It's a funny world, isn't it - we survived very nicely pre-blogging, but now it's such a part of our lives and I wish I had done it when my son was small to remember things we did together more clearly. That came to light recently when he was married and his best man asked for funny stories from his childhood. Of course I lcome uo with things, but how much more accessible if I had been blogging! And here I am, on holiday in USA, sunshine of 97 degrees outside around the amazing pool, and I've been inside commenting for over 2 hours!!!!

libby said...

Thank you ladies...I read everyone of your blogs and its thanks to the blogging world that every time I log on I feel like I'm visiting a friend for a few minutes....yet as you say diney 'pre-blogging' none of us would ever have 'met'.

Working Mum said...

Congratualations on your 100th post!! Lovely post about reasons for blogging; mine are too varied to list!

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