Thursday, May 13, 2010

Drive past this twice a week at least....and every time think a little bit about the people that lived and loved and died there and in the surrounding area. We are all just links in a chain of humanity...can make each other stronger...or come undone.
p.s. I also think that whoever was in charge of the 'domestics' should have spent less time cleaning/cooking and spent more time walking, looking, loving...... I still uptight about the housekeeping arrangements chez moi? you bet I am....


Steve said...

Kenilworth Castle is a regular haunt for us - so much so we have joined English Heritage so we can go more often "for free". It has wonderful atmosphere - much more so than Warwick Castle which has been spoiled by Tussaud's.

libby said...

Hi Steve....we were in English Heritage too last year but I'm ashamed to say only used it about 3 times across the country so did'nt really feel we utilized it as we could have done....but have spent years at Kenilworth, both as a child and with our own....lovely place isn't it?

Twenty seven.

For now anyway.