Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Oh my goodness...she has just driven up the road, with a boy mate in tow, in her own car, on the way to the pub for early evening dinner (no drinking she promises) and then will drop him off at home and then... drive herself home for the first time.......I feel so 'oh that's it baby does'nt need me anymore' silly is that?


Madame DeFarge said...

She still needs you, even if it's just to help her fill up the car with petrol.

auntiegwen said...

OOh most excellent, she can come collect us from the pub ! And she'll be needing you for a long while yet xx

libby said...

Thanks for commenting Ladies......and yes you're both (obviously)right..petrol is hellishly expensive,so she has to keep being the lovely attentive daughter and until she goes to Uni., in September I have a few months of 'can you pick us up from' cards that I have been waiting to use. Gwen - when are we going for that drink?

Twenty seven.

For now anyway.