Friday, April 16, 2010

It's Friday......therefore I am happy (ish)....get through work today and then it's the weekend!
Feel a bit devil may care, for another list?

* I love musicals
* I hate coriander
* Once found a diamond ring
* favourite number is 27
* carbohydrate bread, pasta, cheese, potato.....
* like driving
* maths and me? that would be a big scary no...
* wanted to marry a vet and have 6 children.........married (after 2 previous engagements) an office boy and had 2 children...who have my heart
* prefer short fingernails to long talons
* do a sudoku and a crossword every day (afeared of the alzheimers!)
* still wandering along the 'will I ever have a haircut/colour that I like/suits me' highway
* do not have a sporting bone in my body and as my son says 'run like a girl'...olympics? bores me
* have been watching films my whole life and once attended a premiere in LA
* don't really do much housework anymore...just the is too short
* can't bear the feel of silk/satin..whats that all about?
* can crochet (no I'm not ancient...just like pattern and order...mmm that makes me sound 'special' doesnt it??
* drink red wine or cava or champagne or guinness or tea or water.....
* have to go to work now.....


auntiegwen said...

I always wanted to marry a dentist, I wanted to be a Mrs Taylor (and you know I'm not) and I also wanted him to be called Nick, not fussy at all am I?

libby said...

Did he have to wear the white outfit?......and
you are not are discerning.

Twenty seven.

For now anyway.